Video marketing in email increases the click-through rate by 63%

It’s no secret that the way we communicate is changing. And while buzzy platforms like Tik-Tok might not make sense for a developer, architect or brokerage firm just yet, the way businesses in the commercial real estate industry communicate with their audiences is rapidly becoming more social and increasingly visual.

Today, video remains the most engaging, most shared type of content on social media and one of the most valuable tools your company can use as part of its overall communications strategy. But video alone, sans strategy, won’t land you meaningful results.

With 87% of businesses leveraging video strategies to deepen their communication tactics, it’s essential to create meaningful content that tells your story and highlights your competitive differentiators.

With that in mind, we’re kicking off a new series with four ways your team can leverage multimedia to drive visual brand communication in 2020.

For this first post in the series, we’re looking at integrating video into your communications strategy and ways you can make sure your video strategy is effective. 

Integrated Video Campaigns (Embrace Those Analytics!)

Visual content is reshaping how and when businesses communicate their story. By the end of this year, it’s predicted that an impressive 82% of internet traffic will come from video.

Not convinced that applies to business yet? Simply adding multimedia content to your email blasts has been shown to increase the click-through rate by a whopping 63%.

Here’s an example of integrating video into a newsletter for one of our clients, JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE. Capturing the essence of their Founding Partner, Jim Johnson, was best done via video and resulted in a 39% open rate – more than double the industry average!

Already on board with video? How are you measuring its effectiveness? Data analytics and metrics are making it easier than ever to understand what type of video is resonating best with your audiences, so an agile approach will yield more success.

Here are seven key metrics that can help you measure the success of your videos:

  • View Count – This tells you how many times your video has been viewed. If you want to boost your video view count, consider sharing your video with your audience through email and social media; distribute your video to relevant influencers; encourage your team to share it on their own social profiles.
  • Play Rate – By analyzing the percentage of visitors who actually clicked play and began watching your video, you can measure how relevant your video is to where it’s placed and how successful it is in attracting viewers.
  • Average Time Watched – This shows you how much of your video viewers stuck around for. Measuring engagement is a great way to gauge the quality and usefulness of your videos, as well as experiment with optimum length.
  • Social Sharing – This can tell you a lot about how viewers felt about your video by showing you how inclined they were to share it.
  • Click-through Rate (CTR) – The CTR will show you how successful your video is at stimulating viewers to take action (or click).
  • Conversion Rate – This is the number of leads you gained resulting from the video.
  • Feedback – Analyzing the tone of comments and overall reactions to the video will allow you to create a video more tailored to your target audience in the future.

Stay tuned for our next post in this series! We’ll take you through how you can translate these analytics into actionable social campaigns.