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We’re always looking at how external dynamics could affect our clients in commercial real estate. One enormous factor – climate change – isn’t anything new, but what is changing is how it is rapidly starting to impact all areas of the built environment. 

Earlier this week, when Dutch investment giant PGGM announced that it was undertaking an analysis to find out which assets and areas in its real estate portfolio are most exposed to climate change – and using that data to shape future investment decisions – two things became clear:

  1. Having a climate change strategy is no longer a “nice to have.”
  2. Demonstrating that you understand that fact and communicating your strategy will become increasingly important for nearly everyone working in the built environment.

Whether you are addressing the problem with proactive strategies such as prioritizing regenerative design, reducing energy or materials consumption or simply changing your investment strategy to avoid the areas of greatest potential impact, the way you communicate that you are paying attention and that you are responding matters.

We cannot afford to avoid the topic any longer. The private industry must respond, and businesses that demonstrate a true commitment and communicate a proactive approach will become the leaders of tomorrow. How are you going to make sure you are part of the conversation?

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